Meticos-Project / Cyprus

Pilot #2: Travellers application trials - Cyprus

Location: Larnaca, Cyprus | Responsible partner: CYPOL

During this pilot, CYPOL will implement validation trials for the METICOS prototype platform as well as specific sub-tools for travellers’ end users.

The trial involves technology validation and User acceptance in a no-gate border control environment. Validation will be performed against both technology validation and Users acceptance -specific and generic no-gate crossing related user requirements as well as business and programming expectations. Root cause technologies and hypothesis testing will be evaluated upon specifically designed examples, along with the usability of the interactive GUI.


  • To showcase METICOS to CYPOL internal users and other involved stakeholders from the corresponding industry.
  • To validate the  METICOS Platform by the project participants and end users.
  • Perform the final evaluation of the METICOS platform, taking into account all parties involved, following the already
    defined evaluation plan.