Meticos-Project / Public Deliverables

The research results are reported in public Deliverables, which can also be found at European Commission’s open-access repository Zenodo, at the meticos_eu_project community.

Each deliverable will be available for download as soon as the European Commission accepts its content.

Deliverable Num.Del. TitleLead BeneficiaryDiss. LevelDownload
D1.1H – Requirement No. 2EUCPublicClick here
D1.6EPQ – Requirement No. 9EUCPublicClick here
D2.2Data Management PlanEUCPublicComing soon
D3.1Impact assessment and recommendations (first version)VUBPublicComing soon
D3.2Human rights impact assessment (first version)VUBPublicComing soon
D3.3METICOS Digital Evidence-based Methodology and ProcessesVILABSPublicComing soon
D3.4Recommendations on DEP capacity building, validation & ImplementationVILABSPublicComing soon
D3.6Impact assessment and recommendations (final version)VUBPublicComing soon
D3.7Human rights impact assessment (final version)VUBPublicComing soon
D4.1User group definitions, end-user needs and requirement analysisSIMANIPublicClick here
D4.3METICOS Common Information Data Exchange & Storage Model (first version)ICCSPublicClick here
D4.4METICOS System Architecture (first version)SIMAVIPublicComing soon
D4.6METICOS Common Information Data Exchange & Storage Model (final version)ICCSPublicComing soon
D4.7METICOS System Architecture (final version)SIMAVIPublicComing soon
D5.1Smart Border Technology Experience Research State of the ArtAITPublicComing soon
D5.2Technology Acceptance User Survey ResultsAITPublicComing soon
D5.4TAM Prototype ModelAITPublicComing soon
D5.5TAM Module and Actualization MechanismsAITPublicComing soon
D6.1Survey and SoTA about possible social sourcesVILABSPublicComing soon
D6.2Social Data analysis and extracted perceptionsNTNUPublicClick here
D10.4End-users experience evaluationJOAFGPublicComing soon
D10.5Final System Evaluation ReportJOAFGPublicComing soon
D11.1Dissemination, communication and exploitation plan and MaterialVILABSPublicClick here
D11.2Dissemination, communication and exploitation progress reportVILABSPublicComing soon
D11.3Dissemination, communication and exploitation final progress reportVILABSPublicComing soon
D11.4Regulatory and standardisation reportVUBPublicComing soon