Meticos-Project / Ethics Advisory Board

The Ethics Advisory Board of METICOS

At its core, the METICOS project collects and analyses large volumes of data coming from different sources. In this vein, the consortium has created the METICOS Ethics Advisory Board (EAB).

The nature of the project dictates a very well prepared ethics management policy, which reflects all the project objectives. In addition, there are objectives that refer directly to the ethics and data protection provisions.

These objectives are:


Ethical and regulatory gaps of modern BCP technologies


Evaluation of functional security and performance as well as personal data protection


Privacy principles for information confidentiality or data protection

EAB has been composed to assist the consortium with the monitoring of ethics management and it consists of seven members. Two of them are employed by two project partner organisations but are not directly employed in the METICOS project. The other five are external stakeholders, experts in the sector of data security, GDPR, and IPR.

The board includes professionals from the following categories:

2 Academics (Law)

3 Government body representatives

2 Lawyers

The METICOS consortium commits to undertake its research in accordance with the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles as well as in conformity with generally accepted ethical principles for scientific research, embodied e.g. in ALLEA (All European Academies)’s European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.