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METICOS in the CCI Conference: Designing Security Futures

On the 24th and 25th of November METICOS , represented by the Project Coordinator Pantelis Velanas and the dissemination team, had the opportunity to participate in the Final Conference: “Designing Security Futures” of the Cutting Crime Impact H2020 Project, receiving information about the project activities and outputs of the project. METICOS had also the opportunity to share information about the project, its’ activities and partners as well as about the H2020BESCluster and its’ members. During the 2-day conference, we also had the opportunity to network with the participants as well as the other exhibitors, exploring grounds of collaboration and mutual support!

Briefly, the CCI enabled six law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to adopt a human-centred innovation process for researching, defining, developing and demonstrating practical solutions to real problems facing police, their partners and citizens.

Designing Security Futures conference provided the participants with the opportunity to learn about adopting a human-centred innovation approach in the security context. Speakers explored how the approach:

  • Enables problem framing – so the right problem is being tackled
  • Ensures feasibility – so solutions perform as intended
  • Improves implementation – so solutions suit the identified user group and context — be they police officers, policymakers or citizens.

Designing Security Futures explored and discussed the results of CCI with presentations of the eight Tools developed by LEA project partners.

Designing Security Futures addressed security policy at the EU, state and local levels, introducing a new and extended European Security Model.

This event included presentations, discussions and workshops exploring human-centred approaches to innovating security solutions and ways of integrating different strategies across EU contexts.

Below one can access the complete list of the CCI Conference exhibitors, with which METICOS communicated and agreed to explore potential ways of collaboration. 


PRevision Prediction and Visual Intelligence for Security Information More info:
Trace Tracing illicit money flows in Europe More info:
Protax  Countering tax crimes in Europe More info:
lawgame  An Interactive, Collaborative Digital Gamification Approach to Effective Experiential Training and Prediction of Criminal Actions More info:
Darlene Deep AR Law Enforcement Ecosystem More info:
Shotpros Improve performance of European police officers by developing VR enhanced training More info:
Meticos A platform for Monitoring and Prediction of Social Impact and Acceptability of Modern Border Control More info:
Efus European Forum for Urban Security More info:
cop Supporting the Belgian local police into tackling cases of racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance More info: