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METICOS: New collaboration established with D4FLY

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We are more than happy to inform you about our new collaboration with D4FLY, which is now a member of our H2020 BES Cluster initiative!

The overall D4FLY concept is to identify, reduce and avoid vulnerabilities in the identity lifecycle of modern border management, thereby strengthening European Smart Borders against serious and organized crime. It does this by exploring, developing and validating new technologies for identity and document verification – including biometrics-on-the-fly, and even explores how this could work in risk-based border management concepts.

The D4FLY project will augment the current capabilities and capacities of border authorities in countering emerging threats in document and identity verification (e.g., forged documents, impostor fraud, morphed faces) at manual and highly automated border control points and in the issuance process of genuine documents.

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