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New collaboration with the NESTOR project

NESTOR Project joins the H2020 BES Cluster

NESTOR aims to demonstrate a fully functional next generation Border Command, Control and Coordination intelligence (BC3i) system providing pre-frontier situational awareness beyond maritime and land border areas. Based on optical, thermal imaging and RF spectrum analysis technologies, fed by an interoperable long-range network of sensors including stationary installations and mobile UxVs, will fuse in real-time border surveillance data combined with web and social media information and share to Command Centers in AR environment, being interoperable with CISE and EUROSUR.

NESTOR integrates state of-the art surveillance technologies into a holistic deployable system capable of detecting, assessing and efficiently responding to illegal activities. The NESTOR system will be enriched with accurate detection capabilities to optimally monitor border territory and will offer enhanced situational awareness and increased decision-making capacity to Law Enforcement Agencies by employing advanced data fusion and Artificial Intelligent techniques to multimodal feeds from numerous off-the-shelf devices.