Meticos-Project / Pilots

The METICOS pilots

The METICOS project runs four pilots accross Europe in Romania, Esthonia, Cyprus, and Greece. The METICOS pilots aim to provide valuable outcomes, promoting the use of modern ICT technologies (“no gate solutions”) in the future border management ecosystems.

1. Pilot Use Case 1: Border line validation: Border Authorities application trials and Pilot#1 Workshop


In this use case, the testing will be executed at the existing no gate infrastructure of each BCP. The pilot, testing will be executed during the third year of the METICOS project. The tests carried out will be focussed on the use of no gate solution border controls in real operating conditions. Specifically, the aims will be to examine the enrolment of live measurements, the border crossing processes, the effectiveness and efficiency for border and customs authorities and the user acceptance. In general, the overall feasibility of the processes taking into account the quality of BCPs, the performance of the verification, the duration and user-acceptance of introduced processes. Further to this, an extensive survey will be realised, by providing access to user panels in eight different EU countries, in order to enable the collection of acceptance-related cross-cultural ground truth data that is required for the technology and societal acceptance modelling.

Location: Romania, Estonia, Greece and Cyprus.

evaluate the no gate crossing processes (applied on the air/ land/ sea borders)

– evaluate the acceptance of border & custom authorities of no gate crossing technology

– evaluate the social acceptance of no gate crossing technology from travellers point of view

– demonstrate that could provide enough data flow and services/tools for analysis

2. Pilot Use Case 2: Validation of EU BCP risk assessment platforms: Traveller application trials and Pilot#2 Workshop


The outcome of many EU research projects is the design and development of a number of state of the art risk assessment solutions for the risk-based screening at border crossing. The aim of these solutions to support the no gate border crossing framework of EU. METICOS Ecosystem will work closely with these solutions and it will provide the corresponding interfaces in order to evaluate the operational properties and to promote these novel technologies.


evaluate the provided enhanced situational awareness in terms of the timely and proper identification of potentially dangerous people and goods, and of prevention smuggling and human trafficking

– evaluate the risk-management coordination and cooperation between border control (passport/persons), customs (baggage/goods) and security in transport (pre-boarding security checks on persons and baggage)

Р evaluate the improvement of proposed solutions for remote detection of abnormal behaviours

–¬† evaluate the improvement and the acceptance of border automated screening systems