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Third-party events/conferences related to METICOS Project and activities!

A plethora of activities regarding the developments on migration, border control, and relative topics are taking place around the world. Such events offer a significant opportunity for METICOS and H2020 BES Cluster to disseminate activities and results. Thus, METICOS proceeded with a listing of the events organised by international agencies, fora, and institutions around the domain that METICOS covers.

Conference Title



ICMBS: Migration and Border Studies
30-31 August 2022
Rome, Italy
ICBSST: Border Security Systems and Technologies
30-31 August 2022
Budapest, Hungary
ICABS: Applications of Border Security
30-31 August 2022
Paris, France
EAB -RPC 2022
12-14 September 2022
Darmstadt, Germany
ICASBBHR: Administrative Science, Blockading the Border and Human Rights
15-16 September 2022
Amsterdam, Netherlands
World Border Security Congress
25-27 April 2022
Skopje, North Macedonia